Signing Upbridal registry (0111)

Register for wedding gifts at a department store, a specialty shop, and/or an on-line site,
either right after you become engaged or no later than six months before your wedding.
Thay way, guests can purchase gifts from your registry for prewedding events, too,
so you will get more of what you need and want.
The worst time to register is on your lunch hour or  a weekend.
Instead, make an appointment with a registry consultant for a weekday evening
(some stores have extended hours on certain days), when crowds are thinner,
and you are likely to get the most attention from the sales staff.
Plan on spending at least 1 1/2 hours at each store.

Selecting a Store (0111)dept store

When deciding where to register, consider each store's exchange and return policies (money back, merchandise exchange or store credit).
Because you may still be receiving wedding gifts up to a year after you have married -- and you may change your mind about some items
after you see them in your home -- you will want plenty of time and fexibility.

gift registry cardsSpreading the Word (0111)

Bridal-registry locations may appear at the bottom of a shower invitation or as a separate insert from the stores,
but it is not otherwise appropriate to volunteer this information.
No reference to gift-giving should ever appear on or with a wedding invitation.
Bridesmaids and family members can let guests know the info when asked.

linensLinens Logistics (0111)

Register for at least three sets of each of towels, bedsheets and table linens.
That way, you can have one set in use, one set in the wash and one clean set always on hand.

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