Do you have trouble getting a good night's sleep in a hotel?

At 8 a.m. housekeeping begins its day. Vacuums whine, doors slam, and employees yelling instructions to one another. I even learned about someone entering a hotel room in Europe to audit the mini-bar. And this was a room with the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.

Here are some suggestions on how to avoid a restless night:

1. Don’t get a room by the elevator or ice machine. If the hotel has a disco or club of some sort, get a room at least two floors away.

2. . If your room does not have
a "Do Not Disturb" sign, call the concierge or the front desk to get one or make one out of the hotel stationary. Without it, housekeeping will greet you bright and early in the morning. donotdisturb

3. Get used wearing earplugs. Put them by the bedside table. Bring a spare pair, just in case.

4. If there is a party going on next door, do not call security assuming they will solve the problem. Instead, Pack your bags, present yourself to the front desk, and request another room. It’s easy for the front desk to say that they have no more rooms on the phone, but much more difficult to say it in person.

5. If there is a timer function on the remote control, set it before you settle in to bed. Waking up to a television on high volume is not a pleasant experience.

6. Call the operator and ask for a “do not disturb” on your phone line. Wrong-number calls are all too common and can ruin your sleep. You can request a “do not disturb” until a certain time or until you call and cancel. Or you can simply unplug your phone.
7. Clear a path from the bed to the bathroom facilities. This way you don’t have to turn a light on or stub a toe during a nightly visit to the bathroom.

8. Keep a glass or a bottle of water within hand reach. Fumbling for it in the middle of the night might ruin any chance of getting back to sleep.

9. Close the curtains all the way so the sun doesn’t wake you in the morning.

10. Check to be sure that the alarm clock has been turned off. There are people who think it is funny to set it for the middle of the night for the next guest. And merely unplugging the clock doesn't always work as it may have battery backup.


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